Lets face it, not every trip to the range calls for a big decked out “Battle Belt.” While I am a fan of being able to run multiple mags of 5.56 comfortably, the typical battle belt is not for your every day situation. Whether you are in a professional setting, a concealed situation, or just don’t want to stick out at your local range, Raven Concealment’s new “MODULOADER FRAMES” give users the ability run their favorite molle gear, without the need for a bulky battle belt.


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Raven Concealment sells the Moduloader Frames in 2 configurations, the “SUBLOAD BASE,” and the “MODULAR BASE.” The “SUBLOAD BASE,” as seen in this review, is designed to drop the pouches below the belt line, and in my case, allow access to my magazines while wearing body armor. By only requiring two rows of webbing, the pouch is easily adjusted slightly up or down during initial instillation. Made specifically for HSGI pouches, these Frames should work with most molle based systems. (slight modification may be required)

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While the “MODULAR BASE” comes with the option for belt loops, paddle attachment, or pancake wings, the “SUBLOAD BASE” only comes with permanently mounted drop loops. With loop sizes from 1.25″ – 2″, the user will also be able to choose the size or number of “fingers” for each frame ordered. Think of a finger as a column of your typical molle. Each “MODULOADER FRAME” requires one finger of space between pouches. As you can see in my pictures, I have a 3 finger for 2 pistol pouches and a 5 finger for 2 rifle pouches.

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One thing I noticed after a few weeks of use, was my ability to rotate the drop loops. By rotating them 180 degrees, I was still able to run my belt through the loops. With the belt inserted, the drop loops are unable to rotate back up.

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By rotating the loops, I was able to convert the “SUBLOAD BASE” into a more conventional magazine pouch, bringing the mags back above the belt. While this is not as strong, nor a permanent fix, I have had no issues using this set-up for shooting at the range when body armor is not required.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been wearing this set-up daily. My only complaint so far is with the offered “taco pouches” by HSGI. While they are widely used, tough, and functional, they swallow my Glock 19 mags. The retention is great, but during speed reload drills or qualifications, I find myself halving trouble indexing my pistol mags quickly. I have no doubt that with a taller mag, or shorter pouch, this would no longer be a problem.

It’s important to remember that in addition to the SUBLOAD BASE, if your planning on wearing plates, you will need a drop leg holster, or offset – drop adapter. This will allow comfortable access to your sidearm as well as your magazines.

The Raven Concealment MODULOADER FRAMES can be purchased directly from Raven Concealment