BA and Police Fit

Curtis Bartlett and BA Pro4mance have teamed up to offer the ultimate online training experience. Along with Police Fitness’s personal transformation and creative workouts, BA Pro4mance brings to the table 10+ years of strength coaching experience. We help each other in the gym daily, and decided to team up to offer our clients the best chance for success.

Things like age, fitness level, availability, previous injuries and work ethic are all things to consider when starting any training program. All of our training programs begin with a detailed initial assessment and Skype session. Being “fit” or “overweight” makes no difference, but being motivated is NON NEGOTIABLE!!!

All of our plans are custom tailored for each client and based off of the individuals goals and ability. Our basic 6 week plan is broken down into weeks, days, sets and reps. Our monthly program will provide the client with a custom program that changes weekly. If you are interested in a custom workout plan, please email us at or visit the Shop for options.

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TRAIN with ME Program  –  See Shop for details


In my “TRAIN with ME” program, clients will receive DAILY emails and Updates on all Fitness Related Materiel. Emails will include my Workout for that day, including exercises, sets, reps, and videos/pictures as needed. Emails will also include my basic diet info for the day, motivational message/quotes, and other info as needed.

Photo: Curtis Bartlett 2010 @ 245lbs

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Having been through my own Personal Transition, I know exactly the kind of Diet and Dedication that is needed to be Successful. The above photo shows my co-worker after his 12 week transition with me. He followed my workouts, diet tips and worked very hard.

Photo: (un-named co-worker) 2014 @ 172/205 lbs